Our Success Stories!

Here are just some of the homeless Saints (and others) who have found their permanent homes through our program. We hope you enjoy the stories as much as we enjoyed the process of creating them.

Obie is a 4 year old Saint who was found wondering the streets, neglected by his owner. He was picked up by a kill shelter and was running out of time until he was rescued by Fawn who’s daughter named him. He then went to live with Tom who fostered him for about 9 months before he came home to live with us. Several months before, we lost 2 of our five dogs and we needed company for our larger golden doodle. We thought about another puppy but being pregnant with 3 other children, the thought of house training and getting through the chewing stage seemed impossible. We then decided to adopt. We saw Obie and fell in love with him right away. The heart on his head seemed to be a sign. We spoke with Tom several times, after all, this saint had to get along with 3 other dogs and 3 little girls, and a little boy that would be due to make his arrival in a few months. No small task. Tom assured us that Obie was the perfect saint up for the job. He arrived at our home after a 3 hour drive and had to be over whelmed by the other 4 legged friends to great him and then little girls wanting to hug the “puppy” who was much bigger then they were. Obie has fit in perfectly. He soon adapted to the routine of the other dogs and enjoys his belly rubs each morning from the little girls. He is perfect in the car for the long trips to our vacation home and loves running in the mountains with his new pack leader, a goofy golden doodle named Nixon. He is so gentle and sweet, we couldn’t love him more! He is just the perfect additional to our large and growing family. We are thankful to Fawn for rescuing him from the kill shelter and to Tom for fostering him for all those months. Now he is home and so very loved!

We are so in love with our Saint, Hansen, and so grateful to the Saint Bernard rescue of Florida that I wanted to share our story and say "thanks!" on the website... here it is:

Tragedy struck us on August 22, 2005, when our beautiful eight-and-a-half year old mastiff, Oscar, died unexpectedly after suffering gastric torsion and bloat. Oscar weighed-in at a fierce 175 pounds and, throughout his life, was the deciding factor in where we lived, what we drove, and where we could go. We often joked that we had purchased two homes and two cars just to accommodate our enormous dog. And then, suddenly, Ossie was gone. We were lost. We were a "big dog" family without our big dog. The house was too empty, the yard too vast, the truck unnecessary and our hearts were broken. We ached for our missing family member who used to fill all this empty space. What were we supposed to do? Move into an apartment and trade in the Suburban for a sports car? Or maybe we could offer our "big dog" accommodations to another big dog who needed them… That's when we contacted the Saint Bernard Rescue of Florida and how we met Hansen. Hansen was matched to our family in September of 2005, and my heart swells with joy just thinking about him! Hansen is the kindest, most gentle soul I have ever met; calm and trustworthy with our two-year-old son, tolerant of our three fat house cats and gentle with our geriatric black Labrador Retriever. He's a good sport too, and has tolerated trick-or-treating while being dressed up as a fireman for Halloween and donned red Christmas bows while posing for the family holiday photo! In spite of the tragedy that brought us together, I know Hansen was just meant to be with us. He is loved so very much; our family would not be complete without him! We felt we had something to offer a rescue dog: a good home and a loving family. But the truth is, we are the ones who have received so much more-- Our Hansen, a sweetheart through and through, who has brought us so much joy and companionship through his wonderful, loving, playful spirit. My deepest thanks to Sandra Morrison of the Saint Bernard Rescue of Florida who introduced me to one of the greatest loves of my life! Oh, how I adore this fluffy dog!

With love from Hansen and the Brummer family,

I want you to know that Barnie Liederman is my hero. He is my companion. He was left for adoption at Dade county shelter for four months.  My next-door neighbor is the vet for Dade county shelter. She asked me to adopt him.  I was having trouble deciding. I was having a troubled marriage, lots of stress and could not decide if I could have another dog with me at a difficult time.  The shelter sent him away to Robin. Then the shelter told me they could not tell me where Barnie was. I cried every night. I dreamed that I would find him. Finally I called humane society supervisor to let them know I must find this dog, I would not take no for an answer.  I asked the shelter to call rescue and give them my information. Finally at 9:30 that night Robin called me. I got my Barnie Keegan, the companion for my life. Thanks!

To everyone at the Saint Bernard Rescue of Florida , I wanted to send my sincerest thank you for the addition of Tiny to my family.  Tiny came to live with me June 2006.  He fit in instantly.  He has three sisters (of the furry kind) who he gets along famously with.  I’ve had dogs my whole life and have never met one that was as in tune with me as Tiny has proved to be.  He’s such a mellow, compassionate, gentle soul.  He’s the final completing link to my family.

Tiny’s old house had him living outside in the Florida heat.  He now is strictly an indoor dog and loves the a/c.  When I first adopted him, he was very thin in his hind quarters and not very strong.  To get him in and out of the SUV he would put his front paws up and then turn to me as if to say, “Ok, your turn, help me.”  He has been with me for one full year and the changes are amazing.  He has put on weight and his strength has returned.  He can get in and out of the SUV (and the BED!!) with no assistance at all. 

He is truly a ham and makes me laugh everyday.  He is very smart and a quick learner.  He has debunked the myth “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”  My handsome senior was 9 years old when he arrived.  He has mastered come, sit, stay and food manners.  (He’s trained me a little too.)

If I were to give advice to someone who’s looking to adopt one of these gentle giants, it would be:  (1) first be aware of the drool (2) get a good vacuum cleaner and (3) be ready for him/her to steal your whole heart!
All my thanks,
Sherry Billette and Tiny, Rosie, Roco & Briar too!!

An update on Bear - he is living large - making himself quite at home and sleeps on our bed during the day on his back - what a site - he is also loving the cooler weather and is looking more like a bear everyday his coat is growing in - he has become attached to us and has put on weight - now in the morning he wakes up and is waiting for his walk and Hank to play with him - they run around the house & Bear runs after the ball & Hank - I am constantly petting him and is late for work a few times a week but have a schedule that it a little flexible - he loves to eat and is such a gentle saint - we have become very attached to him - his pictures are being put on a disk & will send shortly - many thanks Robin again for this beautiful boy !!!

Linda & Hank

Just a short update with Elsie. All of her issues are all fixed with the exception of her ear infections. They were better but still not cleared up. The Vet just gave us some new horse size pills, drops, and ointments. Let me tell you how much fun that is since she doesn't like any of it. She has gained a little weight and has settled right into the family. We had a mole out in the back of our yard, and Elsie took it upon herself to rid us of this wild beast. I am glad to announce the mole is gone, and the teenager is filling in the holes.

We got her a Kuranda bed and she just loves it. I spent the extra money for a pad, but she just pushes it off.

She is more fun than anyone could ever expect, and I now know why the attraction to Saints is so strong.

Chuck Lawson


Not a perfect Saint by far: smallish but stocky (but then I am comparing her to Sam who is a GIANT among Saints) mostly dark faced and way too many freckles - but she is VERY loving, calm and gets along with everybody. Her favorite activity seems to be laying on the couch and her motto is: "Whatever!"
The Casey Family!
Asher came to rescue from the shelter. He had been seized due to neglect. He finally found his permanent home with the Sharp family!
We have had Baby for about four months now and we just love her!  We had a few moments between her and our other female in the beginning, but we are all one happy family now.  She is just the biggest love bug.  She loves our sofa and to jump up in bed with us, with a little nudge from Paul on her rear. She is such a character and it's like we have had her forever.  We "girlied" her up for Christmas and one of her presents was a pink collar with pink/purple butterflies all over it.  Doesn't make her very dainty, especially when drool is hanging from the corner of her mouth to the floor :)  Robin and Cliff, we are so thankful for Baby, words cannot express our thanks.
Karen & Paul Bradley

Our saint Gracie was rescued from Orlando and had been used (along with her husband who is now on the west coast) only for breeding. She spent her life outside in a 6x8" fenced cage. We adopted her from Robin in June of 2007. She will be 8 next month and is as active as ever. She loves to frolic in the yard with her bulldog brother and roll around in the grass. She also like to be sneaky and try to get into the bedroom and tub when we aren't looking. She has been a wonderful addition to our family and we couldn't be happier to have her in our lives.

Thanks, The Lafosse Family (Ricardo, Ashley, Gracie and Sausages

We adopted Elise from Robin two months ago and she is a real sweetheart. She is a warm and loving friend. We lost Minnie back in Oct. of 2007 due to cancer. We had adopted her from Robin also. She was without a doubt another successful story also. We were totally heart broken when we lost her. But Elise has such brought life back to this house! She is loving, playful and fun to have around. She loves going for walks with her dad and boy does she know what it mean when I said, "Elise, mom's getting the pillow out." As you'll see by the picture. The Rescue does such great work. I know we're glad we've found you. Ada M. Lavin


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