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Adopting a senior Saint? The sad fact is that most people don't. The number one reason people give for not considering a senior is that a Saint's lifespan is too short. Well, most senior Saints make up for that by being nearly perfect upon adoption.  Most are in rescue through no fault of their own and they are mellow companions who have nothing wrong with them other than their previous owners didn't want them any more. They do have the common problems that older Saints have sometimes and maybe they are a little slower to get where they are going but a little patience and TLC goes a long way. Senior Saints are generally content to simply be a loving and devoted part of the family couch.

FSBR takes in many seniors with the full knowledge that they most likely will not find a permanent home and will spend the rest of their days in rescue. Could you see it in your heart to open your home to a gentle but older giant? Or would you consider becoming a senior Saints buddy? These senior Saints require food and vet care just the same as our other rescues only more so because they are in the program much, much longer.  A monthly donation (even a small one) goes a very long way!


You can send checks made payable to FSBR to 

Please mark the checks for which senior Saint you would like to help.

Any amount will help.

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