Florida St. Bernard Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit organization. We operate solely on adoption fees and donations. All donations are tax deductible. Could you donate any of the following?

01. Donate MONEY? Vet bills are the number one expense for any rescue and we are always looking for ways to pay them.

02. Donate grooming supplies (shampoo, conditioner, brushes, etc.)?  

03. Donate a dog bed, towels or other “bedding” type items?

04. Donate flea stuff (Frontline) or heartworm preventative (Heartguard)?

05. Donate toys, treats or bones?

06. Donate a crate, x-pen or baby gate?

07. Donate a gift certificate to a pet store?

08. Donate a leash, collar, halti or gentle leader?

09. Donate gently used dog equipment?

10. Donate stamps, envelopes or printer paper to rescue?

11. Pay for an ad in your local/metropolitan paper to help place rescue dogs?

12. Donate a raffle item if FSBR is holding a fund-raiser?

13. Have a yard sale and donate the money to rescue?

14. Buy two of those really neat dog-items you “have to have” and donate one to rescue?

15. Donate vet services or can you help by donating a spay or neuter each year or some vaccinations?

16. Pay the boarding fees to board a dog for a week or two?

17. Place a donation can or poster in your place of business?

18. Donate professional services if you are an attorney?

19. Make a bequest in your will to you local or national rescue?

20. Host rescue photos with an information link on your website?

21. Donate other services if you run your own business?



If you would like to donate cash, we can accept PayPal donations. Please click here. Please earmark donations for Florida. The Saints thank you.


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